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Of Friendship and Funerals (a sort of eulogy)

Some days, you feel the shadow of death everywhere. It lingers in the exhausted eyes of the coffee shop girl who was out too late last night and in too early this morning. It crouches on the stoop of an … Continue reading

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So Then I Bought A Dresser

A few years ago I lived with a woman who I thought was the love of my life. Our breakup—which was sad, protracted, eviscerating, humiliating, terrifying, shocking to anyone who knew us—was one of the worst moments of my life, … Continue reading

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An Unpromising Beginning

Want to know a bad thing? I’ve slept with women who had boyfriends. Apologies if one of them was supposed to be “yours.” Not that it makes much difference, but at least half the time I didn’t know she was … Continue reading

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