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So, you’ve been trolling through these pages (thanks for that, btw) and now find yourself overcome, inexplicably, by a burning desire to contact me. Who knows why. Maybe you feel the need to offer insightful feedback, maybe you want to cheer or jeer me on, or maybe you want to suggest an idea for a future post. That’d be cool. Or hell, maybe someone finally stumbled upon that briefcase I misplaced—you know, the one stuffed with thousands of dollars in unmarked, untraceable bills—and you want to return it to its rightful owner. That would be absolutely excellent.

In any case, for these and any other exciting prospects please feel free to drop me a line at Unless you’re a douche, I practically guarantee I’ll reply.

1 Response to Contact me

  1. Girls from Bridgehead says:

    Your story was decent, and well written however it is too novelistic and should be more to the point for a blog.

    PS write a good story about us 🙂

    Bye bye happy happy happy eyes

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